Christchurch, one year after February 22, 2011

credit: www.earthquakephoto.co.nz

Our People

The Lost

Who were the people who lost their lives on February 22

The Abseiler

The choice was stark, stay in a shuddering high rise, or attempt to abseil six storeys to freedom

The Mother

Crushed and broken, Jane Taylor willed herself to survive to save her family from another tragedy.

The Love Story

"Helen, I miss making your cup of tea... I miss leg-wrestling challenges... Most of all, I simply miss you."

The Places

Most of those who died were in two buildings in the central city.

Key Numbers

dependent children
lost a parent

The Earth

Could the devastating faultline have been detected sooner?

What clues were there to the existence of the Port Hills Fault before February 22? The fault was unusually strong, which meant when it broke it released more energy, like snapping a piece of plywood in half rather than a sheet of polystyrene.

Key Numbers

kilometres per second, the speed the quake ripped through the city

quakes of magnitude 5.0 or greater since February 22

Why did the Port Hills fault line rupture?

Often touted before September 4, 2010 as a region with low seismicity, Canterbury has had more than its share of large earthquakes during the past 150 years.


Then and now

Compare shots of the city from before the quake to now

‘Manifold sins’ cost 12 lives

It was hard to stop crying after I read the history of the building that crushed us

Key Numbers

for an Avon River park

commercial buildings
to be demolished in Christchurch

A week before the quake

Your stories
"I miss the baked potato place in Shades Arcade. I had just filled up my loyalty card so was looking forward to my free potato." read more...

The Future

Future park

What's next for Christchurch?

Christchurch 2013: A city rebuilds

In a year Christchurch has changed almost beyond recognition. In another year, the transformation could be equally dramatic as the city picks itself up and rebuilds. Ben Heather visits a day in the life of Christchurch, February, 2013

Key Numbers

Price tag on
Christchurch City
Council's plans to
rebuild a new
"city in a garden"

Undaunted, we came back

"Yes, we acknowledge there is a risk that this quake sequence may still have a sting in its tail. The two of us joined the 6.0 club back in December; small beer compared with what most of you have been through."